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SALT Internship


What is SALT?


Purpose of SALT -

The purpose of the FCA internship is to provide an opportunity for college students to work with high school and middle school students through the ministry of FCA and to provide a training ground for students who desire to explore the possibility of full-time ministry.

This is primarily a summer program; however, this program can be adapted for students to participate in throughout the school year in order to experience "school-year" ministry.

SALT Overview -

  • 8 - 10 week full-time internship
  • $2,000 salary for the summer ($1,000 June 30 and $1,000 July 31)
  • Attend 3 - 4 camps
  • 40 - 50 hours weekly, non-camp weeks (may include weekends)
  • Home Team - Each intern is responsible for raising their support by developing a Home Team.  This involves sending out an initial letter to raise their support at the beginning of April, thank you notes to each donor and a follow-up to all Home Team members at the end of the summer/internship.

SALT Application Deadline -

All applications must be received by March 31.

Please click here to complete the online application.  Interns should complete the Ministry Leader Application (MLA) which will serve as your application and permission for a background check.

If you have any questions about the FCA SALT internship, please call Kraig Cabe at (260) 672-8482 or email at